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The Book

“The Sacred Marriage is at the Heart
of the Spiritual Quest.”

The sacred marriage book cover

The Sacred Marriage is beyond words.


This book is a pure trans:mission of love from my heart to yours.

May it serve as a reminder of how anything is possible when we navigate from the Heart. Within each page are the keys to universal truths that will guide you through an enchanting quest of love, power and wisdom. Combined with 10 sacred sound journeys woven throughout, The Sacred Marriage offers a remarkable true love story, and gifts you with a direct experience of travelling the cosmic origins of your own true north. It contains the power to heal and reconnect you to the wellspring of love that flows from within.

“True embodiment of The Sacred Marriage will change the world as we know it.”~Henrietta

The sacred marriage book cover
The sacred marriage book cover

The Noble

Paperback Edition


The Regal

Hardcover Edition


The Royal


Specialty Gold Embossed Hardcover Edition

The sacred marriage book cover

All pricing is in Australian Dollars & includes free shipping to Australia

All books personally signed by 

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Henrietta at the great pyramids of giza in egypt
Teacher - Healer - Mystic

Henrietta is a teacher, healer, mystic, writer and an award-wining designer. A born explorer, Henrietta has travelled the globe to sacred sites from Africa, The UK, Europe, Americas to Asia and the Pacific, to learn, expand, heal and grow, initiating herself over and over. 

For over 10 years she has been professionally coaching, mentoring and healing with a global clientele. She has studied with Spiritual masters, master coaches, meditation, sound and energetic healers and is highly attuned to both the spiritual and physical dimensions. 

She believes Heaven on Earth is achieved through Sacred Leadership, The Wise One Within and The Sacred Marriage. Her mission is to teach, guide and share through a variety of modalities and technologies created and mastered by herself first though the portal of the Heart. 

Henrietta is a Teacher of Sacred Leadership, Guide to The Wise One Within and Author of The Sacred Marriage.

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