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The Sacred Marriage 

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Prepare for internal Flight!

Before embarking upon your journey, we recommend viewing the following instructions to prepare for and enhance your experience of the audio trans:missions  

1.  Creating Space 

Make sure you are not disturbed for the next 30 minutes,  light some incense or light a candle and centre yourself.

2.   Listening 

For an immersive experience, we recommend using headphones or a Bluetooth speaker when listening to the Transs:missions.

3.  Position

We recommend lying down to receive each Trans:missions. You can also sit upright if you feel more comfortable. Please don't listen whilst driving or operating machinery. These Trans:missions are meditative in nature.

4.  Be Open.

Being open to receiving is important for a fully immersive experience

5.  Take a Moment

After you have received one of the audio Trans:missions, it is best to stay still for at least 5-10 minutes to allow yourself time to return from your journey.

6.  Take Notes.

We recommend keeping a journal to make a note of any insights, visuals, or any other information you may receive.

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